How I caught a scammer and saved hundreds of dollars!

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Hi My Friend,

so you think you don’t need tracker? Think again!

This is a story, of how I caught a scammer company providing paid ‘traffic’ to my (possibly yours) link…

So I found this ‘amazing’ traffic provider, that was supposed to deliver quality traffic to my link for a very good price. Oh yeah, I’m IN! Of course, I need traffic, to make money online, so you too, don’t you?

I made a purchase and set up my link to promote it, but…

I used my great tracker (which is actually for free):

So, the company didn’t know, that this is the only tracker on the market, which is able to track real HUMAN visitors on my site. So I could see if the visitor is a real breathing creature or some programmed bot, who will actually NEVER buy anything 🙂

After the results from my tracking came in, I was SHOCKED! From 1000 ‘visitors’ the company delivered, there was ZERO humans on my site. You know what? I hate scammers who are trying to steal from the richest people, who are doing their best to make a living from internet…

So I wrote a complaint to the company, telling them, that I know (because of my tracker’s abilities) that they didn’t deliver a single human being on my site, and I’m ready to write a review about their services on my blog…

You know what happened next?

Without any other questioning, they refund my ‘non refundable’ payment back, straight to my bank account… he he he 🙂

Can you imagine, how much I could lose in total with them or others like them, if I don’t use MY FREE TRACKER:

They are even able to influence your monitoring if you are using google analytics, but they didn’t scam through my ‘The Real Tracker’.

Hey, don’t get scammed, from such devils, and get your real tracker too! I’s for free, so get it now…

To your great success,
Ladislav Smrtnik


P.S. Doesn’t matter what traffic you are using, this powerful tracker can save you lots of money. I also read a review from one marketer that used his tracking results using this tracker, to get back money from a scammer solo ad provider…

Safety first! 🙂 Get your real tracker now (it’s really for free)

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  • Ladislav – This is an excellent post and a very interesting story. I am a Pro member at but used “The Real Tacker” for a good while for free. It revolutionized my business in alot of ways (I’ve even started some A/B testing using the Rotator!). I appreciate you telling people about this great service and I’m glad you got your money back!


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