Did the Friday got you too?

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Hi My Friend,

I actually never enjoyed Friday the ‘usual’ way… You know, like ‘Finally Friday again!’

Except a few months in a job, I was always working on my own. Friday and Monday were for me a day as any other day, enjoying my work and working when I want.

This is what I call time Freedom!

You know what I mean, choosing the time as I feel it, when I want to work till the late night time and then take a longer sleep in the morning… I know what a blessing that is.

I can definitely relate to people who are working 9 to 5. Every day the same routine, waking up at the same time, If you want it or not, meeting the same people everyday and at the end of the month (week) getting the same salary… no freedom, no creativity allowed! If you are a parent, you don’t even know your own children properly.

I know, there are many people who enjoy their job, nothing against that, but there are many many more, who are internally dying in labor. You should ask yourself, which one of them are you.

To make the story short, now I enjoy Friday again, like ‘Finally Friday’, since my little son started school 🙂  …and I’m realizing again, how great it is to work on my own and what a blessing it is to live time freedom.

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To your great success,
Ladislav Smrtnik


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