Another BS traffic provider debunked!

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Hi My Friend,

today I’m writing with one hand because I had an accident with my longboard this afternoon, and I injured my right arm, but I have to inform you about this one…

I debunked another BS traffic provider…

…and again thanks to ‘The Real Tracker’!

This one:

‘The Downliner’ is kind of a traffic coop promising to post your ad on social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, G+…if you are an upgraded member, which I am…

So I set up my social post ad and let it run for few hours… and this is the result…

Pretty nice number, huh?

Problem is that this number is a scam, here are the real numbers…

Yes, you see right, no single person visited my link…

Maybe you doubt like ‘my tracker sucks’… Look, I’m advertising a capture page which from my previous testing is converting 40%… that could be around 26 subscribers from this traffic…

I’ll tell you, one single subscriber could be enough… but I got zero. Something smells here, don’t you think so?

Hey, I even tried text ads, because I red a review from one person that text ads works good for her, another BS, you can not trust even to reviews today, but I’ll tell you what I trust…

‘The Real Tracker’:

Recently I registered for ‘Click Magick’ one of the most sophisticated tracker online, even that one couldn’t recognize BS traffic from another before proven scammer: ‘Rebrandable Traffic’.

One thing is sure! This Tracker:

…saved me hundreds of dollars and a lot of my precious time.

Get it for yourself too… It’s free!

I’m sure, you will thank me later.

To your great success,
Ladislav Smrtnik


P.S. ‘The Real Tracker’ is the only tracker which can recognize BS hits from the real ones… If you aren’t using it yet, you are losing! Get it now: …it’s free!

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